Following the enactment of the new Law of Higher Education in 1993 and the (re)opening of doctoral schools in the country, the then József Attila University of Szeged was one of the first institutions to inaugurate PhD programmes in linguistics, which according to the regulations at the time were in four fields: Turkic linguistics, Slavic linguistics, Uralic studies, and Theoretical linguistics, chaired by Professors András Róna-Tas,  Imre H. Tóth, Tibor Mikola, and István Kenesei. They were subsequently augmented by new programmes in French, German, Hungarian, and Russian linguistics. Since 2000, all programmes were merged in the Doctoral School in Linguistics of the University of Szeged and have continued their work in this framework.

    The strengths of the DSL consist in continuous research into the historical, typological, theoretical and applied aspects of linguistics, as well as the experience in teaching at the graduate level. Our graduates have been hired by other universities in Hungary (Pannon University, Veszprém, ELTE University, Budapest, and the Catholic University, Piliscsaba) besides U Szeged, with several offering their services as supervisors or junior professors in our programmes. Many of the dissertations have been published, and all of the recent ones are downloadable from the DSL homepage.

    The DSL has extended relationships with other doctoral schools in Hungary, with the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and with the Department of Linguistics of Utrecht University (NL).